Dimensions for Publishers

What if you could predict the future of research?

What if you could predict the future of research?

Dimensions is the industry’s first searchable database of awarded research funding, including $1 trillion in global research funding and millions of research projects from funders worldwide. Get a completely unique view into the international research landscape and how it relates to your own publishing portfolio.

Find answers to key questions like:

  • What is the research activity in our subject at the moment?
  • How does that compare to the spread of journals in that area?
  • How is it changing over time?


Widen your audience outreach

  • Increase your overall subject area knowledge on funding and use this intelligence to widen the scope for audience outreach and publication support.

Identify trends and hot topics

Being able to easily visualize data is a core feature of Dimensions. Instantly compare results and see trends in data over time, allowing you to answer questions like:

  • How does journal scope compare in this area?
  • What is the overall trend in research in this area internationally?
  • Where are the hotspots of activity?

Dimensions can also be used to compare activity in research funding with publication trends – and not only that but the associated up-to-date metrics such as the Relative Citation Ratio (RCR) score and the Altmetric Attention Score are included for each publication, giving you awareness of the whole range of activity.

See who has received which grants

Determine which key institutions have received grants and use this intelligence to analyze sales, membership, open access, and author data.

Find thought leaders and potential reviewers

Need to find appropriate reviewers for new manuscripts or identify top researchers in the field?   Automatically identify experts who have the knowledge required, based on the specific research history, and even see any potential conflicts of interest with the submitting authors.

Categorize, search, analyze and report

Dimensions integrates several well-known research classification systems. You can even generate your own categories to fit your specific needs, and use these to get the most reliable answers to your questions. All categories can be used throughout the database, allowing you to find and compare international funding according to your own criteria, perform competitive analyses, and report the findings reliably and consistently.