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How-to video: Add your funded grants easily to ORCID with UberWizard


2 steps to add your grants to ORCID

Add my grants to my ORCID record

If you are a researcher and interested in adding your grants to your ORCID record, the following three screens explain how it is done ‚Äď simply click on the button above and the √úberWizard will guide you:

1. Starting the √úberWizard all matching grants will be presented and can be selected.
2. Verify the grants in a final step and submit. Manage your grants in your ORCID record.


Integrate your award data

Contact us for integration

If you fund grant research and you are interested in the free offering to integrate your organizations data ‚Äď please reach out to us ‚Äď we are happy to explain the concept and process in detail.

Interested in seeing other funders content added? Or interested in integrating your organization’s grant data? Please let us know, we will be in touch!

About the √úberWizard and ORCID

The ORCID initiative provides a unique identifier that supports researchers in maintaining and sharing their works and achievements. Starting in 2014, this list of achievements includes awarded grants content. Our team at √úberResearch has created a wizard for ORCID (the ‚Äú√úberWizard‚ÄĚ) that users to import and associate grants to their ORCID record in bulk. The user can simply search, click, and press submit on their awarded grants, instead of manually adding each grant and inputting each field by hand. The √úberWizard includes over¬†2 million grants from around 200 funding bodies from across the world, representing over $900bn of historical research funding and we are adding more constantly. We have integrated the data from multiple funders into one process to make the awards data more complete. Additionally, this makes the process simpler for researchers and simpler for funders since they do not have to implement solutions independently to expose their grants ‚Äď resulting in a library of different wizards, all with limited use.