Reviewer Finder

Find the best new and established experts to help your review process
Reviewer Finder uses millions of expertise profiles based on disambiguated global grant and publication data to identify experts with the ideal knowledge and experience to match your requirements.

Data-driven reviewer matching

Topics are extracted from text using Natural Language Processing (NLP), providing accurate and reliable detection of new concepts for identification of the most relevant reviewers possible.

Using this intelligent approach, identifying reviewers for several documents at once is also easily possible, allowing for the building of a committee or group of experts dynamically able to cover all required topic areas while complementing each other in their knowledge

Applications of Reviewer Finder

Our Reviewer Finder solution can help you answer many questions, including:

  • How can you ensure that your organization is able to find out who would make suitable reviewers without conflicts of interest?
  • How can you ensure that your organization are funding the right proposals?
  • How can your organization allocate assignments efficiently, with optimal reviewers given expertise, availability, conflicts, and workload?
  • How can you find new, high quality candidates to recruit for your reviewer pool/panel/committee?
  • How can you increase the chances of reviewer acceptance, and shorten the time from invite to acceptance?

Solution delivery options to suit your particular situation

We offer a range of implementation and hosting options to suit your requirements:

  • An off-the-shelf cloud-based application
  • The solution can be locally installed behind your firewall
  • The solution can be integrated with your existing systems
  • The solution can be delivered within existing tools via API