ÜberShare initiative.

Free access to Dimensions for small funders.

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Read the full press release about our ÜberShare initiative and our commitment to support small funders.

Making portfolio analysis available for small funders

One of our primary goals in starting ÜberResearch was to make decision support tools, like Portfolio Analysis, available for small funders. These tools historically required significant investments, often in the millions of dollars, and took years to implement. These barriers made the tools almost exclusively available to very large funding bodies. However, the purpose these tools serve – to fund novel research, to select the best projects, to reduce funding duplication, to support collaborative funding, and to identify the best reviewers and investigators, were very important to funders of all sizes. After launching Dimensions 2.0 as a cloud-based solution for Funders, we are now taking the next logical step. We have decided to make Dimensions free to small research funding organizations with an funding amount of $1 million or less.

Providing these organizations with our toolset is an honor to our team. We know many of the organizations in this community, and they are staffed by volunteers who are passionate about their cause. After today, these smaller funders will have the same, and often better, tools than large national funders have available. We are sure that the insights they can gained by their teams, and by other funders globally working together, will lead to more rapid advancements in global research.

Access to a shared global database of more than $940 billion

Dimensions provides more than just a toolset. The system provides access to our shared global database of funded projects (primarily research grants), covering more than $940 billion in awards. The database is easy to use through the Dimensions platform. The uses include basic search and discovery (the “who does what” in research funding), to advance capabilities like portfolio reporting, classification and categorization, reviewer identification, and impact analysis.

Our team has set aside resources to support the ÜberShare initiative. We can currently onboard 5 to 10 organizations a month on a ‘first come – first serve’ basis – please contact us via the request form if your organization is interested on taking us up on the ÜberShare offer!


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